What Resources Should I Buy in Logos Bible Software?

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One of the greatest benefits of Logos is the vast amount of resources you can add to your library. Yet, the possibilities can also be quite overwhelming. When I began building my library in Logos I wanted to know which tools were most worthy of investment.

Beyond buying a Logos package and grabbing the free book of the month, you want to invest in great reference tools you will utilize over and over again in Logos.

There are six categories you should think through and prioritize:

  • Bible dictionaries
  • Theological dictionaries
  • Commentaries
  • Systematic Theologies
  • Greek / Hebrew Texts
  • Greek / Hebrew Lexicons

What are the best Logos resources to buy? Which are must-haves? Here are some suggested resources to get in your library1:

image-rightBible Dictionaries

Theological Dictionaries


Greek + Hebrew Texts

image-right Greek & Hebrew Lexicons + Theological Dictionaries

Systematic Theology

More Suggestions

Read my Logos Buyer’s Guide if you want help choosing a base package. If you are looking for the best commentaries for a particular book of the Bible, I highly recommend this website.

👉 What is a must-have resource in your library? Send me a tweet and let me know.

  1. Disclosure: As a Logos affiliate partner, I get a small kickback for any purchases using my affiliate link. This is like you buying me a cup of coffee for helping you out. 

  2. You’ll notice I did not include any commentary series. While there are certainly stand out series, I prefer to pick the best commentaries from a given series rather than purchasing an entire set unless there is a compelling discount. One-volume commentaries and theologies, which I have listed, are valuable for a providing an overview of a passage.