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Hey Reader,

I hope your Christmas was blessed! I am thankful for the tangible evidence of the goodness of God in my own life and family. Christmas reminds us that even in dark days and seasons, God remains good and we have a living hope in Christ.

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Learning biblical Hebrew can be extremely difficult. This month’s free book is designed to work in conjunction with the many Hebrew grammars available, breaking the complex language into bite-size chunks for revision and consolidation of key aspects of grammar and vocabulary—all within the powerful and efficient research tools of the Logos Edition!

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💬 Thoughts for your Thoughts 

“Here’s what is important to understand: there are only two ways of living. You are either confessing that you were created by God to be dependent on his wisdom, power, and grace, or you are believing that you have within yourself everything you need to live well on your own. You are either doing everything you can to deepen your faith in yourself or you are preaching to yourself a gospel of personal need and divine provision. —Paul Tripp from Come Let Us Adore Him surfaced by Readwise

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