The BEST Logos Discounts and Buying Tips [10-30% off]

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You’re here to find a discount and save money on Logos Bible Software Base Packages and resources. Maybe you are a student, pastor, missionary, or someone looking for a Logos coupon code. I have good news: There are several ways to save money on Logos.

In this post, I’m going to share the seven best tips to get a discount on your Logos base package and resources.

I am a Logos affiliate and proud of it. And this is a legitimate discount.

Logos has been an invaluable tool in my ministry, seminary studies, sermon prep, and personal growth. I love telling others about why it’s worth the investment and how to get started.

In return for sending readers from my website to Logos, I get a small commission at no cost to you and you receive a valuable discount!

My partner link will get you a 10-30% discount on your Logos library (depending on the time of year) and five free books as well!

2. Buy a Base Package

The best way to get the resources you want at a discount is to find them in Logos base packages.

What is a base package? Logos features + deep discounted resources. That’s it.

Some people avoid Logos base packages, but that’s a mistake. While base packages may contain resources you do not foresee using, they also include resources you want at a steep discount. You can buy Logos resources a la carte, but you will almost certainly overspend.

If nothing else, you pay for the resources you want and get hundreds of others thrown in at little or no extra cost.

If you want direction and help picking out a base package, read my Logos Buyer’s Guide.

3. Academic Student Discount

If you’re a seminary student, sign up for the Logos Academic Discount! This student discount will get you 30% off of base packages and up to 50% off of essential academic resources.

4. Is the resource you want included in a base package?

Check this out: If I wanted to buy the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew it would cost me $339.99, but if I buy the Logos Academic Premium base package I can get it and dozens of other resources thrown in for $108.53. 🤯

Dynamic Pricing

This is the glory of Logos base packages. If there are specific resources you want, check on the resource page to see if they’re included in any Logos base packages. This is the best way to get your resource, sometimes cheaper than its list price on its own and get more resources thrown in for cheap (or free)!

Speaking of resources, if you are looking for recommendations, I have written about the six most important categories to prioritize and suggest 50+ resources to build out your Logos library here.

5. Payment Plan

My partner discount applies to Logos payment plans as well. If the upfront cost is too much, Logos will allow you to spread out payments on any order over $100 for 2 to 24 months depending on the order size.

6. Grab the Free Book of the Month

Every month Logos gives away a free book. Many times they are awesome.

7. Take advantage of the monthly sales

Logos runs a variety sales throughout the year. If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll keep you posted on these special sales, especially when they apply to some of my favorite key resources. I’ll also include links to the free books of the month right in your inbox.


Using these tips will help you save money on your Logos purchases. Ultimately, Logos is a worthy investment in your ministry, personal development, Bible study, and growth. And with all its features, it makes every resource in your library better and will save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.

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